At our centre, classes are conducted using our unique method. We have over 20 years of experience in the field of rehabilitation. Our youngest client is 4.5 years old whilst the eldest is 85. We are not afraid of arthritis and arthrosis. We specialise in dealing with pains in the knees,hips, back and headaches. Additionally we have helped those with osteochondrosis, scoliosis and sciatica as well as many other conditions.
From us you will learn a new approach to movement and to life.


Muscle tissue will not change its state and function without asking the brain first. Requesting help from your brain is painful. Pain is a signal transmitted to your brain about an imbalance in the muscular system. This is your body telling you: «Pay attention to me here!»
Pain is a friend, do not drown her voice with pills and injections. The cause of the pain will not go away, you will only stop hearing the body. Help your body today — take care of yourself with us at Mosaic My Health.


Brain considers muscular system essential for life. All three biological calls to action that the brain triggers in any live creature are carried out by the muscular system: RUN (using muscles); FIGHT (using muscles); FREEZE (using muscular system to relax the body). That is why we work with hypofunction, hyperfunction, hypesthesia and hyperesthesia, hyporeflexia and hyperreflexia of the muscular system. We connect the brain to the muscles. Book a consultation with our specialist today.


The psyche is a set of information received by you, as a result of which we subjectively perceive and feel. Example: your internet connection was turned off for no reason — what do you feel? And imagine you find out that the whole city does not have the Internet. Your feelings have changed, but the situation remained the same. We will be able to give your psyche information that is based on the laws of human physiology and anatomy — which will radically change your attitude to your body, movement and breathing.

We will help you connect the world of sensations between the brain, muscles and psyche and start to enjoy the movement.