Our experts know how to work with your body using isolated and local principles in decompression mode and in mosaic order.

Vadim Khetagov

Head of Physical Therapy
Vadim Khetagov is our leading specialist and founder of Mosaic My Health philosophy.

David Diakonov

David has worked with us for 8 years.
“I like to make sure that during exercise you feel that connection between muscle and brain and truly enjoy the moment”

David Mamiev

David has worked with us for 6 years. With a genuine passion for the Mosaic My Health philosophy he strives to ensure his clients reach their optimal level of muscle strength.

Zairbek Osmanov

Zairbek has worked with us for 8 years.
“For me the most important thing to succeed is a refined exercise technique and the right attitude! You can do it!“

Evgenii Prikhodko

Evgeniy is the newest addition to our team.
His energy will leave you strong and empowered after each session.